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Forecast future workload, demand, and capacity

Demand forecasting using resourcEQ enables practices to proactively prepare for and manage surges in workload as well as other mismatches in supply and demand

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resourcEQ optimizes scanner and modality resources by predicting optimal scan durations, identifying scheduling gaps, and forecasting delays and missed patient appointments

Maximize resource utilization, increase patient throughput, reduce backlog, and decrease costly delays and overtime

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Improve work-life balance with flexible scheduling, predictable workloads, and fair work distribution with schedulEQ

Automated and intelligent scheduling reduces time, effort, and manual burden of scheduling. Combine with resourcEQ to balance staff capacity with workload demand

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“Being able to control your own work schedule significantly improves the ability to integrate work and life demands effectively.”

Lacy & Chan, Physician Burnout: The Hidden Health Care Crisis

Heidi Schmidt, MD.

Department Head Medical Imaging and Program Medical Director, Joint Department of Medical Imaging. University Health Network
Toronto, Canada

schedulEQ has enabled us to efficiently manage and balance the clinical schedules of over 145 staff radiologists and fellows throughout our health system.”

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